A Comprehensive Tutorial On Writing A Master's Level Dissertation

Writing a master's level dissertation is one of the most challenging assignments that a student will ever encounter. It takes weeks and months to complete this process. To get started, students should learn exactly what is expected from their writing. The following tutorial is designed to give students clear milestones to guide their work.

  • Research Objectives
  • At the beginning of the writing process, students must create research objectives that are manageable and entirely original. Basically, these objectives serve as goals for the project that the student will later be assessed on. Students will also need to consider the deficiencies that exist in the current state of the field. Although the topic may have previously been researched, there are often side projects, related ideas or remaining questions that the student can look at.

  • The Critical Review
  • This section of the essay is designed to show the current state of the field. The student must look at all of the existing literature and background materials. Each piece of material must be analyzed and considered to show that the student's research objectives were not just made up out of thin air.

  • Methodology
  • Within the methodology section, the student is expected to show the way they have set up their project. They will want to explain why they chose one method rather than choosing a different technique. In addition, the student will have to make a convincing rationale to support their final choice. Any data that is collected or reviewed must be done in a way that could be replicated by someone else in the future.

  • Findings
  • Obviously, one part of the project will address the student's findings. Even if the findings did not support the student's thesis statement, they should still be included. The student can address potential flaws in their work or the conclusions that could be drawn from their findings. This section should not be ambiguous, and every statement must be backed up by empirical data.

Considering the amount of research, formatting guidelines and rules that are involved in dissertation writing, students who are serious about their work should read through examples first. An example paper will help the student to learn how to do their project. In addition to reading through examples, the student will want to keep in touch with their academic adviser at all times. The adviser is someone who the student can turn to for help, and their support is invaluable when it comes to dissertation writing.