A Brief Introduction To The Dissertation Appendix Format

Since most students only write one dissertation during their post-graduate college career, managing the different parts of the project can be challenging. The actual paper is tough enough to write, but then students need to include properly formatted extras like the cover page, appendix, proposal, and abstract. Learning to write the different parts of the project can be overwhelming, but if you know where to look you can easily see the formatting that you need to know.

  • Check Out the Academic and Professional Organizations for Tips
  • The best places to get an introduction to the appendix formatting are the style guide websites. These sites are sponsored by the MLA, APA, and other professional and academic organizations. You might have to pay a small fee to access the information in these websites, but they will provide the most up-to-date formatting information.

  • Collegiate Writing Labs are Helpful
  • Another helpful place to get a brief introduction to crafting the appendix and other dissertation sections is any writing websites sponsored by a college or university. These writing labs are managed by students, like you, who are working on advanced degrees. They take good care of their websites because students rely on them. You should be able to find samples as well as instructions on how to properly complete the project.

  • Tutoring Websites Provide Free Advice and Tutorials
  • It is also helpful to visit tutoring websites, like the online academies that are popping up online. These websites include helpful video tutorials so students can see what to do and rewind as necessary. They also include written tutorials along with quizzes to see if you have the information correct. Students all over the world have benefitted from the information presented in these online academies. The academies are usually free, so students do not need to worry about their budgets when they hunt for help.

  • Local College Databases are Full of Sample Papers to Peruse
  • If you have not investigated your school’s collection of dissertations, now is the time. These databases are loaded with all of the projects that have been submitted to committees over the years. If you are looking for a project that has the most up-to-date formatting, it is best to look for current papers. You can use these papers to help you with other types of formatting as well as how to organize the project successfully.