8 Great Dissertation Topics About Modern Literature

Modern Literature is so distant with the Classical Literature in the sense that often, it makes its own rules. The phonetics might not have gone many changes, but there is a world of difference in the interpretation and innuendos.

The flexible nature

When you need to write a dissertation on Modern Literature, you need to pick up a topic that has torque associated with it. In fact, the flexibility aspect is what demarcates English from other languages; one cannot deny that English is an extremely pliable and versatile language.

This cannot discount the merits of French and Spanish Literatures in the main. Mandarin and Hindi have their own strong points even as German language has a weak grammar. In totality, there is a lot to discover about modern literature.

On to the topic, here are 8 sentient ones you can choose for your dissertation –

  1. Your take on the pessimism and eventual liberation in the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Yes, the man is a king of magic realism but he also deals with enough pessimistic topics, fantastically weaving designs through them.

  2. The death of rhythm in modern poetry – Yes, the blank verse struck a telling blow to rhyme and meter; and it is hard to escape that metaphor.

  3. The Episcopal nature of Germaine Green’s books – The writer is a personal favorite of Salman Rushdie. Period!

  4. The metaphorical world that Kafka creates and the impressionists after him – Kafka’s imagery is quite vividly seen in many realist movies, not to mention the writings of modern writers.

  5. The flight that Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s Urvashi takes – The national Hindi poet of India created a masterpiece in 130 pages; full with flights and realism and many strategic pieces of wisdom thrown in.

  6. The Influence of French Revolution on modern French Literature – It is interesting how the 18th century revolt still has a large impact on the relevant literature from these shores.

  7. The multiple shades and yet the buffoonery in certain high-rated books of today – Today’s books often lose themselves in integral plots and end up becoming a caricature.

  8. The changes that British Literature has gone through the last century – Britain has been the father of creation in literary terms. It is amusing to note that it has shed its puritan feathers of late.

Make sure that when you choose a topic, you find out underlying meanings of eminent pieces of Literature. You will be delighted by the stretches.