A List Of 20 Good Suggestions To Help You Choose A Law Dissertation Topic

As a doctoral law student, you are preparing yourself for the task of researching and writing your law dissertation. For the simple fact that it requires a lot of research and effort to write this particular type of academic paper, it is advised that students opt for specific topics. This way, you will be able to compose a proposal that would not be rejected and an academic paper that the defence committee will be very proud of. The first step towards doing all these is in choosing the topic. If you have not done so already, here is a list of 20 good suggestions to you choose a law academic paper topic. They are as follows:

  • The criminal justice system – A critical look at the investigation process
  • Commercial laws – An understanding of the fundamental purposes behind it
  • Employment laws in the UK – A look at the role of trade unions
  • International commercial transactions – A look at the existing arbitration system
  • Psychiatric injury claim – An analysis of the possibilities of such claim within tort law
  • Occupiers liability – Understanding what makes a trespasser
  • Copyright laws in the US – Determining proper a balance between holders and users rights
  • International criminal law the impact of the war against terror
  • Executive directors of companies – A review of legal constraints
  • Company law – A look at the level of protection offered to minority shareholders
  • Corporate governance – Understanding the roles of stakeholders versus shareholders
  • Intellectual property rights – A critical look at the impact of European law on certain geographic locations
  • The English Sales law and your business – A comparative analysis
  • Citizens’ rights to bear arms – Understanding the extent of its legality
  • The right to life – A critical look at the practice of euthanasia and its implications
  • Hostile takeover of underperforming assets – An analysis of the legality and ethical obligations
  • Outsourcing policies in the private banking sector – A critical look
  • Freedom of citizens – Understanding the limits and implications
  • The criminal detention system in the UK – A critical analysis of race profiling
  • Cyber laws – A look at the urgent need for necessary reforms

Now you have an extensive list of good suggestions to help you choose a law dissertation topic towards obtaining your doctoral degree. There are possibilities that you would surely find a topic that interests you. Go ahead and have fun working on your doctoral project.

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